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Nancy Siples mortgage officer in Riverside, CA

Are you wondering if we really have programs that can help your unique situation?  We do. 

In addition to all of the popular main stream loan programs including Conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo, USDA, etc. We also specialize in first time buyer programs.

We have programs that can turn you into a homeowner with down payment assistance.  You'll find out you do not need a large down payment, perfect credit, or that the down payment has to come from your savings. You might even be eligible for tax credits.


Contact us at (951) 777-2991 for a brief assessment of your home-purchase needs and goals.


We discuss how much or what type of assistance you will need and provide you with assistance programs to cover part or all of your down payment and most of your closing costs.


We're more concerned with getting YOU the right loan, not just any loan.

Visit our team page to get started with one of our Loan Officers today!

Below are some links to programs serving our area.  Don’t worry about figuring them all out, we will do that for you!  Some folks like to do their own research so we will share as much information with you as you would like.  Remember we are here to answer your questions and guide you through your home buying journey.  We can get you there!   - Nancy Siples, Branch Manager


Down Payment Assistance Programs Serving the Inland Empire and SoCal Areas

California Finance Housing Agency

Riverside County
Economic Development Agency

City of Riverside

Golden State Finance Authority

Southern California
Home Financing Authority

National Homebuyer’s Fund, Inc.

Neighborhood Housing Services
of the Inland Empire

Neighborhood Partnership
Housing Services, Inc.

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