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Meet Nancy Herrera-Siples - Branch Manager

I feel lucky, or rather blessed.  I get to spend each workday helping people to achieve something that I believe in and care deeply about...Homeownership.  I've owned over a dozen homes, some we lived in (with fond memories), rentals, flips, second home, co-owner to help a first time buyer.  I've experienced great increase in net worth through real estate allowing me to pay for my children's college education (fulfilling a dream I had held onto since I was a teenager).  I've also felt the pain of losing our family home, in 1993.  With three decades of experience in mortgage lending, and plenty of personal homeownership under my belt, boy is it fun to help others navigate their path through real estate.

 I love that Cherry Creek Mortgage is a big company that can offer so much to our homebuyers, but allows me to run my branch like a small business in order to meet each clients needs as I see fit.  It's amazing to come to work each day literally with my family and best friends working beside me. And nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than seeing our clients overcoming obstacles, achieving their hard fought victories, and celebrating their success.  Join us, homeownership is worth it.

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